About us

Year of Establishment - 1996 Date of Establishment - 09 Oct
President - Mr. Ramesh Singh
Vice-President- Mr. Amol Pratap Singh (Certified A-Grade SAI Coach)
Secretary - Mr. Rahul Tomar

Pin Point Shooting Institute was the Dream of Th. Kharag Singh. His grandson Amol Pratap Singh fulfilling his Dream laid down the foundation of PPSI in the year 1996 at 9th Oct it was leaded by its president Mr. Ramesh Singh.

Late Th. Kharag Singh was famous as the legend of shooting sports. In western U.P he led down the foundation of shooting sports in the year of 1954. His dream was to spread this game at the higher level in the country. He was very much fond of discipline; he also had a very good and attractive personality. He had won medals by beating the core countries in the 2nd World War.

His life was full of struggle and adventures but he never loses his confide3nce and patience. His words are “Do whatever you do but do it in the right way and discipline”, are inspired us very much and motivated to do the best out of us.
His dream was that shooting should be on top of all the sports, as per his words it is carrying by his Grandson Amol Pratap Singh, Certified “A” Grade Coach (Shooting Discipline) from Sports Authority of India. It is forwarding towards to success.

Today he (Th. Kharag Singh) is not with us but his memories are in our hearts and always remains. These memories are our strength to make his dream come true.

Pin Point Shooting Institute has become a hub of Sporting activities throughout the year providing the much needed platform to the budding talents in various discipline of sports. The Students get the desired exposure to different kinds of games at various levels of competitions right from the institute and District levels to the State level, National levels and as well as in International levels. These competitions have brought to fore many a talent that today is making it big at the National and International Arena.
Pin Point Shooting Range has 10 lane Indoor Shooting Range (10 mtr) equipped by all the basic and advance amenities. In PPSI, coaching given by experienced coaches under the guidance of Mr. Amol Pratap Singh (Certified "A" Grade Coach by Sports Authority of India).

The shooting Training provided in both, Air Pistol and Air Rifle with the Imported weapons as; Walther, Anschutz, Morini, Steyr, Feinwerkbau etc. Institute is fully equipped with all the shooting needs as per international Standards.

There are many names in shooting sport which are given by Pin Point Shooting Institute. Recently PPSI has 40 State level shooters, 25 National level shooters and as well as there are 15 International Shooters who are playing on International platform. One of them is Air Pistol Shooter Shezar Rizvi "World No. 1 in Air Pistol" year 2018.